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Ways Private Lenders Fund Deals

Posted on August 29, 2016 by Results HB in Blogs, Uncategorized

Investing Investing in real estate is a relatively safe and easy way to make money. We here at Results Home Buyers make the process simple for all involved. In addition to the ease of getting started there are tax benefits involved and the investor rules their own destiny unlike putting money in the stock market.

So how exactly can you as a private lender fund a deal? These are the most common ways to do it. Cash is king. It’s the fastest way because cash in the bank is easy to access. A deal can be made within minutes instead of hours or days like other funding methods.

Investors who are saving for life after work often turn to their retirement accounts to provide the money needed to make the deal happen. A self-directed IRA is similar to a traditional IRA, but allows you to purchase a broader range of investments, including real estate. Partners of Results Home Buyers often use of a portion of their retirement funds to invest in properties.

When stocks and investments struggle, you have an option to liquidate. Many times those liquidated securities and investments can then be used to purchase things you want, like real estate.

Investors can also turn to personal and business lines of credit to come up with the money to invest. An unsecured credit line doesn’t require any collateral, financials, appraisals, or tax returns. The investor’s personal credit report and scores are the qualifier for such lines of credit. This way of doing business can also increase the investor’s bottom line with future purchases or investments.

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